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Buccellati - Cut Diamond - Sterlizia Cuff Bracelet - Jewelry

Sterlizia Cuff Bracelet

Due to their sharp tips, the rosettes in this cuff bracelet resemble very much to strelitzia flowers, which are often compared to the beautiful birds of paradise. They are very big flowers, with a strong aesthetic impact, giving joy and energy. The three openwork rosettes in white gold are set with 230 diamond with a total weight of 1,51 carats and are decorated with shiny beads in yellow gold. In the centre of each rosettes, there is a Buccellati cut diamond (3 diamonds for a total weight of 2,24 carats) and the outer part is enhanced with an “ornato” engraving. On the whole yellow gold surface, “rigato” engraved, there is an alternation of small decorations in white gold and diamonds.

Yellow Gold, White Gold, Diamonds